Stairs, platforms, maintenance platforms

HYMER modular system

One system – many solutions

The HYMER modular system - individual solutions with standard components

The HYMER modular system offers all partners the capability of meeting their requirements for individual solutions in ladder technology in a cost-effective, compact and fast way. Fixed stairs, mobile stairs with a platform or crossings can be produced with the HYMER modular system in a very short time.


Our standard – your benefit

  • The standardised, replaceable components have been tried in practice, improved and have demonstrated their worth.
  • Our system is based on screwed connections and this means that we can dispense with welding almost completely. Replacements and repairs are thus possible at any time and are not expensive.
  • Aluminium extruded profiles specially designed by HYMER guarantee the greatest stability and functionality.
  • Our steps and platforms are built to comply with DGUV Information 208-011 and EN ISO 14122 regulations and have DEKRA type approval.
  • Fast, time-saving product configuration with HYMER online configurator. Simply log-on and start at

Components in the HYMER modular system

Ergonomic handrail

Simple connections

Floor brackets

Wall brackets

Step versions

Grooved aluminium steps

  • Enclosed non-slip grooves
  • Step depth 200/250 mm

Aluminium grating steps

  • Mesh width 30 × 30 mm
  • Step depth 240/270 mm
  • R13 slip-resistance rating available as option

Steel grating steps, galvanised

  • Mesh width 30 × 30 mm
  • Step depth 240/270 mm
  • Steel grating steps with R 12 + R 13 slip-resistance rating

Recommendation by employers liability insurance associations: When used in the open, the industrial employers liability insurance associations recommend the use of decks and steps made of aluminium or steel gratings.

Type of guardrail attachment

Fixed and removable guardrails

Self-closing safety gates

Self-closing barriers