Accessing high places safely.

HYMER + Industrie

Customised for industrial use.

We offer an extensive range of products for industrial use. This is because companies have very different requirements when it comes to industrial access equipment. But don't worry – we’ll guide you to the right solution. You'll have the easiest time if one of our tried-and-tested standard products meet your needs. If that is not the case, however, the HYMER modular system lets you put together a customised access solution using standardised components. They are as reliable as our standard products and yet can form unique combinations that suit your company.


One system – many solutions

The HYMER modular system - individual solutions with standard components

The HYMER modular system offers all partners the capability of meeting their requirements for individual solutions in ladder technology in a cost-effective, compact and fast way. Fixed stairs, mobile stairs with a platform or crossings can be produced with the HYMER modular system in a very short time.

Modular system

Modular system + series

Modular Solutions

Pre-designed access solutions with the HYMER modular system.

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Modular system

Special designs

Individualised solutions, tailored specifically to the requirements of each industry and customer.

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Modular system + series

Machine steps and work platforms

Compact, comfortable access equipment for installation and servicing work.

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As standard

Ladders with R13 surface

Ladders with the highest slip-resistance rating of R13.

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Also interesting

Even where it is not mentioned, our products are made with the industry in mind.

Take a look at our cross-sector access equipment range. Many of these products are perfect for the industry: for example, assembly platforms, work platforms, maintenance platforms, and ladders with 80 mm deep treads for greater safety. Even without an R13 cover, the steps and standing surfaces are still very robust and slip-resistant thanks to their strong profiles. Our fixed ladders are likewise a great fit for every company. They can be used on physical structures, as access to machines and industrial facilities, or as emergency and fire escape ladders. They are now available in an RAL colour of your choice to match your building's facade or your company colour.

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A ladder is a ladder. At least that's what you might think.

It is crucial to be cautious when you are working at height using ladders or other access equipment. This applies not just to the actual task itself, but also to compliance with all relevant safety regulations. One example of such regulations is the TRBS 2121-2, which sets out rules on how to handle ladders at work. We already take these standards into account during the development phase of our products to make sure there are as few hurdles as possible in your way when you are planning and buying access equipment. Furthermore, we take great care to provide your employees with ergonomic equipment and spare no effort in optimising quality and durability – made in Wangen im Allgäu.



HYMER has exceeded our
expectations in terms of safety,
flexibility and ergonomics.


Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG – Philipp Wagner


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