Mobile towers

HYMER mobile towers made in Germany.

Mobile towers

Perfect for hard work at height.

One thing is clear: mobile towers must first and foremost protect those who carry out hard work at height on a daily basis. And to make sure no valuable time is lost due to assembly and dismantling, mobile towers should be ready for use quickly in just a few simple steps.

The HYMER mobile tower range offers the right mobile tower system at an attractive price for a wide range of applications with high standards of safety, durability and comfort. Compliance with standards is crucial here.

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HYMER mobile towers with safe assembly

Versatile. Durable. Standard-compliant.

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Safe and fast setup with HYMER lifter

Safe assembly

According to EN 1004, mobile work platforms must be designed in a way that ensures those installing guardrail parts and braces are given continuous side protection at every stage of the assembly and dismantling process. HYMER mobile towers have long complied with safety requirements for assembly, conversion and dismantling.


The high functionality of the HYMER mobile tower range means hardworking tradespeople can be ideally equipped for a wide range of tasks. Whether they are used right next to a wall, slightly above the ground, or high up beneath the ceiling, or for repair, roof or paint work – our mobile towers are perfectly suited to a whole host of applications.

High quality and durability

Featuring an extremely robust design with welded frame sections and offering the highest level of stability with cross-beam or stabiliser – HYMER mobile towers boast durability, absolute reliability and excellent made-in-Germany quality. Which is why we offer a 10-year warranty on all our mobile towers.

Flexible height

The perfect height for any location.

Whether you need to work close to the ground or very high up – with heights ranging from 1.80 to 13.00 metres, HYMER has the right mobile tower for any application.

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Easy to use. Fast. Safe.

Making hard work at height easier and safer: Our mobile towers are solid, comfortable and durable. Whether fitted with stabiliser or cross-beam – they can be assembled and dismantled extremely quickly in just a few simple steps.

With cross-beam

A few simple steps to achieve high stability: HYMER mobile towers with cross-beam can be used flexibly on slightly uneven floors, modified quickly, and moved and manoeuvred effortlessly, especially outdoors.

  • Highly flexible
  • Working close to a wall
  • Easy to move sideways on the cross-beam
  • Lower costs due to shorter assembly times

With stabiliser

Greatly enhancing safety and comfort, regardless of how it is placed: HYMER mobile towers with stabiliser can be assembled and dismantled safely as well as moved without taking up a lot space or requiring much time for set-up and conversion.

  • Improved safety and comfort
  • Optional set-up with height offset (e.g. in stairwells)
  • Can be moved and transported without taking up much space
  • Models with SAFE-T safety guardrails are especially safe to assemble

All mobile towers

HYMER mobile tower range

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