Professionals test craftsman products


Professionals test craftsman products -
wooden stepladder in practical test

When painting high walls and ceilings or even door frames, ladders are working tools that are definitely needed to work at height. The safety requirements for users have steadily increased over the past few years. Now the latest version of the German Technical Regulations on Industrial Safety and Health (TRBS) 2121-2 has been published. It stipulates that ladders can only be used as a workplace when a user can stand on a step which has a minimum width of 80 mm – such as our wooden stepladder 71499.

80 mm wide steps on professional ladders provide a safe and ergonomic foothold. The high-quality finish of the wooden ladder also ensures high stability and long service life. Additional features support craftsmen in their work, such as an integrated tool bag and a practical bucket hook at the top end of the ladder.

Maler Kling GmbH put the wooden stepladder 71499 to the acid test in everyday use. Konrad Fleischer, who works as painter and varnisher at Maler Kling, has been in the trade for nearly 40 years. He put it to regular use and made this conclusion: “The most important thing when it comes to a work tool is that it can provide the team with a safe and comfortable foothold so that they can complete all their work at height. And that it is designed to meet the special requirements of our trade. The wooden stepladder from HYMER meets all these requirements. Standing on the ladder is very comfortable – and the tool bag and bucket hook integrated on the ladder mean that tools and paint buckets are at hand all the time. It makes work so much easier.”

So, from the mouth of a professional: the wooden stepladder passed the test with a clear recommendation to purchase. Safety, long life and convenience are convincing features all along the line. In addition, the ladder has a high-quality look and feel and it offers a range of useful accessories. Do you want to more about the wooden stepladder 71499? Go here for all the details.